Scarlett Johansson Thinks She Might Run For Office Someday

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Between her speech at the Women’s March and her mocking impression of Ivanka Trump on SNL earlier this month, it would seem Scarlett Johansson is becoming more comfortable expressing an opinion on DC politics in public.


Perhaps this is what prompted Michael Strahan to ask her during a Good Morning America interview on Wednesday whether she’d consider running for office someday, to which Johansson replied:

“I’ve always been interested in local politics. Right now I think with my young daughter, and also as my career is going right now, it’s not the right time. But eventually, maybe if my daughter was older and I could totally focus myself on something like that, I think it could be interesting.”

For the moment, however, she is probably busy triangulating questions about her new movie Ghost in the Shell, which has been stirring controversy for months over charges of whitewashing and, now that it’s out, is being mostly panned by critics (GQ’s Kevin Nguyen wrote today that the film, “owns itself harder than any movie I’ve ever seen”). Johansson responded in February to the outcry over her being cast as a character who, in the original film, is a Japanese Major, with a rather lame deflection, “I would never want to feel like I was playing a character that was offensive.”

Which is not to imply she should’t ever run (certainly she could!). I’ll just hazard to say that this remark lands at an interesting time in Johansson’s career, and not all politics are local.

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Apparently Nancy Meyers’ Instagram post from yesterday about how she almost crashed her car because she was distracted by a picture of an attractive kitchen plastered to the side of a truck was a joke that People magazine, then the world, took a little too seriously. Or exactly seriously enough?! In any case, the writer-director, who’s worked on such comedies as Private Benjamin, Baby Boom, and Something’s Gotta Give, reiterated on her Instagram a few hours ago that she was just kidding.


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Halle Berry put her Twitter to good use today! Tag yourself, I’m the snack.


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