Nancy Meyers Almost Got Into a Car Accident Because She Was Distracted By a Beautiful Kitchen

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Nancy Meyers, the writer/director who gave us unforgettable comedies like Private Benjamin, Baby Boom, and Something’s Gotta Give in addition to beautiful kitchens like Diane Keaton’s warm traditional in Father of the Bride, Dennis Quaid’s bright, open concept in The Parent Trap, and Meryl Streep’s under-ovened in It’s Complicated, was nearly killed by her own passion Wednesday afternoon, according to a post on her Instagram account.


“I was so interested in the kitchen on the side of this truck I almost got into an accident,” Meyers captioned a photo of a Snyder Diamond vehicle, which she appears to have photographed while her car was stopped.

The sleek kitchen that nearly killed her is a large, white and stainless steel contemporary thing, with two ovens, a massive island, and professional hooded range. It’s the sort of kitchen that, oh, a Reese Witherspoon-type would have in the enormous TriBeCa loft that she shares with her famous actor husband (a Liev Schreiber-type) who dumps her for someone younger (a Jennifer Lawrence-type) leaving her out on her own (and without a beautiful kitchen) for the first time in her life. Maybe she starts a business (perhaps related to interior design) or maybe she gets back into acting (she put it on the back burner after her ex won his first Oscar)—the point is, she eventually becomes a success and gets a place of her own (and a kitchen she loves) back by the end of Act III. It’s not nearly as extravagant as the one she shared with her ex, but—while watching her entertain friends with small dishes, wine, and cookies—we realize the size of a kitchen isn’t important. What’s important is filling it with people you love—and love to feed. Like your closest friends and new boyfriend, perhaps played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson because get it, girl!

What a movie that would be.


Val Kilmer has responded to coverage of his Twitter rant about Cate Blanchett. According to People, Kilmer doesn’t “understand why the internet reacted like it did to his Blanchett tweets.”

“It makes no sense. I didn’t say anything weird,” he said. “I write about all my friends. There’s no story. Nothing weird.”



I hate reading about these men. :)

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Ooooo there’s little I love more than a gorgeous kitchen. That is my home dream. I don’t need a giant house or lots of cars in the yard. I don’t even want my own pool (too much upkeep).

But I DREAM of the day I can have a large airy kitchen with loads of counter space and a standalone island and a chef’s stove. The kind that has the extra “pot-filler” faucet above it so you don’t have to haul pots of water across the kitchen for pasta and potatoes. I’ll probably never get all that but I WANT it.