SNL Introduces a Fancy New Perfume for Ivanka Trump: 'Complicit'

Image via screenshot

What is Saturday Night Live good for, if not speaking spoof to power? In a skit aired over the weekend Scarlett Johansson joined the show’s ever-growing cast of Trumpian impressions, a hard joke to do right considering the real characters already parody themselves. And who better for her to play than Ivanka?

Much like Ivanka, ScarJo had no dialogue; in this skit, she simply slinks through a party looking blonde and statuesque, while a voice-over advertises her sensual new perfume. “A woman like her deserves a fragrance all her own, a scent made just for her. Because she’s beautiful... she’s powerful... she’s... Complicit.

The concept is brilliant but the execution is one of the best sketches Saturday Night Live has aired in awhile, and to me its subtlety was reminiscent of the best, tone-perfect, cutting spots from the ‘90s. “A feminist,” goes the voiceover, “an advocate, a champion for women... but, like... how?” And it gets even better after that.


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