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Kim Kardashian West has introduced her fourth child to the TL and revealed that the boy shall be called Psalm. No one asked me, but I like it!

Psalm, born May 9, joins Chicago, North, and Saint in the happy circumstance of being the genetic combination of Kim and Kanye and is reportedly a very chill baby.


In his debut photo, Psalm is swaddled in all white, surrounded by white blankets in a white crib. Now I am loath to offer parenting advice, but a chill baby wrapped in white could face the danger of being misplaced in that ecru cavern of a family home. A colorful hat would give me some peace of mind.

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Guy Fieri’s wife hates his tips. Lori can remember the halcyon days before she relocated to Flavortown alongside her spouse and looks back on them fondly: “When I first met him, he had no goatee. He had dark hair. He wore a suit to work every day,” she told People magazine about their 1992 romance. “Now I look at him and I’m like, ‘Where’s that man I married with the whole clean look?’”

The best part of this story is that Guy’s journey to his signature explosion of platinum shards was the exact plot of an episode of Doug where Roger gives a hairdresser free rein, and everyone at school makes fun of him except instead of school in Guy’s case it’s the internet.

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  • Julia Roberts has managed to not watch Game of Thrones for a decade without tweeting about why the rest of us are silly for enjoying it. I had heretofore thought that feat impossible. [People]
  • Countess Luann wants the receipts on those supposed probation violations. [People]
  • A “source” tells People that Gwyneth is very secure, not threatened by Dakota Johnson at all, and super happy with her own husband, a very regular thing for an anonymous source to reveal unprompted. [People]

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Psalm is a word I have never been able to say comfortably. The silent “P” is fine (duh) but I can’t slide “al” into the “m”

Is it just me?