Saturday Night Social: Lillibet Makes Her London Society Debut

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As Larry the Mouser gets on with his long bid to become the most beloved Prime Minister in British history, a new, more fashionable cat has conquered London high society. Meet Lilibet, a Siberian Forest cat who has taken up residence at The Lanesborough, a luxury hotel in Knightsbridge where she is cared for by a team of employees known as the Cat Committee.

But do the ultimately inconsequential frivolities of fashionable life not get tiresome Lilibet? Would you not rather wield some real power? Perhaps a casual stroll near 10 Downing Street is in order. Of course, the marriage would be a lonely one. Larry is married to his country, and you were always a cat with ambitions beyond the domestic sphere. However the wife of a world leader is afforded luxuries, privileges, and confidences far beyond those offered by the drawing rooms of your velvet prison. Imagine the headlines, the fame, the control. Fortune favors the bold, Lilibet, and you were not born for the life of a hotel cat.

Hope your week was full of successful schemes. Do tell.

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My beautiful, adorable Ollie fell asleep on the 19/09/19.

Ollie used to be a stray and they took him in at a homeless shelter back in 2013. When I arrived there in 2017 he started following me everywhere. He made me start to smile again. When I eventually was given my own flat he came with me to his forever home. He’s made so many people happy over the years and for the past few years he’s made me happy, he helped with my anxiety and depression and I never felt alone, I will be forever blessed that he chose me to look after him and love him.

He used to fall asleep with his head in my hand or put his paw in my hand while he slept, he used to give the paw if he wanted extra fussing, and he’d wake me up by tapping my nose with his paw.

The day before he’d spent the afternoon asleep in the sun and had tuna for dinner, he loved laying in the sun and he loved Tuna.

He’s been ill for the last few months and the past week he’d started to go down hill when we went back to the PDSA on Thursday they said that he only had a matter of weeks left and that he was going to start to be in pain and that it was kinder to let Ollie go, it’s horrible to do something you don’t want to do even when it’s the kinder option, I’d never want him to be in pain. He fell asleep in my arms as my heart broke, and I told him how much i love him, how happy he’d made me, how lucky I was to have him in my life and that I hoped I’d made him as happy as he’d made me happy. The pdsa have arranged a reduced cost single cremation and I’m going to have him home in a few weeks, I’m going to buy a plant for him. He was so special and I can’t cope with him being cremated with a lot of other pets. I walk into a room and I keep expecting to see him and then I realise. I’m heartbroken and I miss him more than words could begin to describe.

I want to thank all of you for your good vibes sent our way last week, they’ve helped me.

I know everyone thinks their pet is the best and that’s true but he was the best, most loving, gentle boy ever, even the date he fell asleep as he was 16 and it was 19/09/19 is special. I’m not sure where I read it but I saw this a while ago and it’s so true.

Grief is the cost of admission to true love, that’s the deal one way or another the price will be paid. So I say to you and your pet love as much and as freely as you can. We are blessed if we get to live a grief story, after all the price of admission to true love is grief, it’s just a balloon payment due at the end.