Saturday Night Social: Dolly Parton Is Giving Us the Only Lifestyle Brand We Need

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Gwyneth can pack up her beige bondage goop and take it somewhere else because the world of celebrity lifestyle brands is Dolly’s domain now.


Dolly Parton should have always had fashion, wig, lipliner, and home decor lines, and this oversight has put the entire world at a disadvantage. Finally, it looks like someone has had the good sense to offer people who are not Dolly Parton the consolation of at least having things Dolly likes. According to Page Six, Dolly will soon be selling backwoods Barbie approved clothing, jewelry, accessories, and home goods.

I want it all, sight unseen. But here are a few things I especially hope to see in the collection: that yellow sweater with the floral appliques she wears in Steel Magnolias, the pink jumpsuit that proves, definitively, Jolene could never take her man, any wig she wore in the 80s.


Let’s all take the night off and watch 9 to 5, shall we?

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Okay, so, this is a challenge to share - I haven’t said anything about it at work, and very little in real life - but it has to be shared.

Mr. Duck and I have split after 15 years. Our relationship has had the status of a certain Norwegian Blue for a while, but a couple weeks ago it came to a head and we finally decided to quit trying to change ourselves and each other.

We’re still on good terms - he’s sleeping in the other room of the house, and will until he can get his financial feet back underneath him. We hang out as friends, which is something we haven’t really done in years.

But today I realized the freedom I have, and the freedom in front of me. I can stop trying to be content with somebody for the rest of my life. When he moves out, I can watch Drag Race and L&O:SVU reruns without him making comments. Hell, I can wear a tank top and underwear when it gets hot and it won’t be any sort of prelude! (My low sex drive - partially brought on by antidepressants - was a bone of contention with him.)

But I also realized I may never date again. Fifteen years is a long time, and starting over at 42 feels unnecessary. I’m okay with this. (For now.)

*big deep breath*

So.  How’s life?