Sarah Jessica Parker to Become Carrie Bradshaw Once More (Briefly)

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Sarah Jessica Parker has been very open about her desire to strap on those Manolo Blahniks again to reprise her role as Carrie Bradshaw, and now, she’s gonna do it in “the name of a cause we all care about.” Is the cause “So Sarah Jessica Parker can wear Manolo Blahniks again with or without Kim Cattrall’s approval?” Could be.


We know this is a Carrie Bradshaw thing and not a Failure to Launch thing or just “SJP taking a nice stroll in some open-toed heels and lacy socks” thing because of the Sex and the City music. So that’s one mystery solved.

The bigger question is, what is a “cause we all care about”? Assuming “we all” refers to “SATC fans,” is there any single thing that unites us as one, aside from enjoying watching Carrie and the gang promenade around Manhattan (when things are going well with men) or mope around Manhattan (when thing are going poorly with men)? Listen, I will break-up watch SATC ‘til the cows come home, but I don’t know if I’m prepared to identify ideologically with the other millions of slobs out there who have done the same thing.

The hashtag at the end is #pouritforward. Google directs to a wine tasting event that benefits the Miracle League of Central Ohio, which “creates lasting memories by providing life-changing experiences for athletes and adults with special needs through social, recreational and developmental activities.” SJP is from Ohio! Interesting. The second search result directs to a Great American Milk Drive at a food bank in southern Colorado. Also...interesting.

Do WE ALL care about athletes and adults with special needs and/or milk? I guess we’ll find out.


Bottom half = Like a Virgin

Top half = Pirates of the Caribbean

I never watched the show. She was supposed to be a fashion icon. Was it always this bad?