While we'd strongly advise against whatever arm-waving, vaguely-hip-hop reminiscent-thing she is trying to do with her arms in this clip, Sandra Bullock seems to be doing everything else right lately, at least in Hollywood's eyes.

We already know Hortense was right that Bullock would survive the All About Steve debacle, even if it generated considerable ambivalence about how she did it. Bullock is up for two Golden Globes this Sunday, and evidence is building that her stock has never been higher in Hollywood.

From The Daily Beast:

When The Blind Side recently crossed the $200 million mark in domestic ticket sales, a Warner Bros. executive told one producer that if he could cast any movie star in a movie right now, it would be Sandra Bullock. "That's extraordinary," the producer said. "He was including men!"

Imagine! And as The Los Angeles Times reports, she can have the satisfaction of having bested another contender for past-forty American sweetheart (because there's only room for one):

The feeling around Hollywood lately is that Sandra Bullock has in some ways walked off with Julia Roberts' career. The actress opted for "The Proposal" after Roberts passed and starred in "The Blind Side," which had been first offered to Roberts back when the film was at Fox.


Roberts, of course, also told The Los Angeles Times last March that she's over the classic romantic comedy genre, which presumably explains her nixing The Proposal: "I can't play those parts anymore," she said. "It just doesn't work for me at 41, with three kids and happily married."

Instead, Roberts has opted for Eat, Pray, Love. Bullock doesn't have any upcoming releases, but is listed as having four projects in development (no guarantee that they'll pan out, and may be produced by rather than starring Bullock): The Sprinkler Queen ("A Hollywood agent tracks her AWOL action star back to his small Wisconsin town in hopes of luring him back to LA"), Kiss And Tango (about an American expat in Buenos Aires and her dancefloor affairs), Jingle ("Santa's nastiest elf is left behind at a brat's house, where he learns he'll have to reform the child in order to be taken back to the North Pole"), and... One Of The Guys, described as "the story of a true guy's gal (Bullock), who throws her all-male circle of friends into chaos when she embraces her feminine side." Uh-oh.

Until we see that sure-to-be-fabulous film, we can only echo Manohla: "Use your power for good, Sandy!"


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