3 Reasons Why Sandra Bullock Is Going To Be Just Fine

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This has not been a good week for Sandra Bullock, whose latest film, All About Steve is already being hailed as the worst film of her career—and perhaps one of the worst films of all time.


The film was a disaster from the start: the dreadful poster, featuring Bullock looking like a deranged 90s sitcom star who had a bad experience with a box of Sun-In, pretty much sums up the feeling most critics had toward the movie in general: "What the fuck is this, and who allowed it to happen?" Things did not improve any at the premiere of the film, where Bullock showed up in yet another wacky ensemble, wearing an expression that read, "I know, I can't believe this, either." Sadie categorized it as an "awful premiere for an awful looking movie," and naturally, she was right.

But as I read through the painful reviews for the film, which basically call the movie a complete disaster from start to finish, I noticed a common thread in many of them: the notion that Sandra Bullock should know better, that she deserves better, and that, well, she is better than this film would lead viewers to believe. I suspect most of the "What the hell were you thinking" backlash comes from the fact that Bullock also co-produced the film, and therefore deserves double the credit (or, rather, the blame) for its awfulness, but there is also something to be said for critics steamrolling a film whilst still crediting Bullock for usually making smarter choices. With that in mind, here are 3 reasons why I think she's going to be just fine:

1. She's Likable
You don't like to see someone like Sandra Bullock fall on her face. If these were reviews for Paris Hilton's latest "movie," or Heidi Montag's attempt at "acting," we'd all be printing the reviews out and plastering them on our refrigerators like hilarious comic strips. But really, you just feel bad for Sandra Bullock, and puzzled as to why she put herself through this kind of thing. What was she thinking? Maybe she was bored and thought she'd try something new? Maybe she was hoping to branch out into darker comedic roles? With anyone else, it would be easy to dismiss them, and their career. But, I mean, it's Sandra Bullock. She just seems so...nice. If anything you just want to send her a cake and tell her that you loved While You Were Sleeping and you can quote every line of Miss Congeniality.

2. She Won't Make This Mistake Again
After this, she's going to be super careful about the scripts she picks. She is still one of the highest earning actresses in Hollywood, and her other release this year, The Proposal, has already brought in over 270 million dollars worldwide. She recovered from Speed 2: Cruise Control. She'll recover from this, too. If Gwyneth Paltrow can survive A View From The Top, anything is possible. Plus, Bullock is versatile: she can deliver in a drama or a comedy, and is liked by the public in both. She has 6 projects in the works right now: one of them will get her back on track.

3. She Doesn't Have A Replacement...Yet
Sandra Bullock's strength has always lain in the fact that she can play the beautiful, slightly wacky girl next door in a convincing fashion. She has always come across as down to earth and relatable, and though there are several starlets in the ranks trying to claim the crown of America's Sweetheart, it's hard to picture any of them playing the parts Bullock plays as well as she does. Until the next anti-Reese/Gwyneth/Renee rises up to snatch those parts, she'll be all set. She's still Miss Congeniality for most of the American public, and nobody has been able to knock that crown off of her head. I doubt one bad movie will- but I suppose we'll have to wait and see.


What say you, commenters? Do you think Bullock can survive a turd like All About Steve? And if not, who is going to replace her?

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She just needs to play Stephenie Plum already. Hollywood, make this happen!