Wait, What? Why Was Sandra Bullock The Top Moneymaker in '09?

In a final sign that this decade needs to die and sharpish, Sandra Bullock has topped 2009's list of Hollywood earners, with such additions to the film canon as All About Steve and The Blind Side:

I have nothing against Sandra Bullock. She's a likable performer, and who didn't enjoy While You Were Sleeping? Plus she's always seemed like a good egg. Which is why, every time I saw one of her previews in a theatre this year - be she asshole-chasing psycho, bitchy boss or saintly white woman, I cringed and sunk lower in my seat and muttered to my companion, "what is she thinking?'


Reason 3,0006 I'm no agent: Bullock has become the first woman to win Top Money-Making Star in Quigley Publishing Company's 78th Annual Poll of Exhibitors since Julia Roberts in '99. So, what does a girl have to do to lure them in? Well, play one-dimensional stereotypes in cardboard films. On the one hand, it's nice to see a woman over 40 pulling in the big bucks and getting romantic leads. On the other, in two out of three of these films she was forcing men to be with her. Need we recap All About Steve, that two-step on Bette Davis' grave, in which Bullock's deranged sadsack chases an uninterested man around the world? (Again, silver linings: the film had a seriously anti-Rules message. Stalk him enough and you wear him down!) And The Proposal had her wrangling another unwilling younger man - this time as stony-faced bitch who's sacrificed her femininity for power. Rounding out the banner year with a saint who deals in equally saintly black people, Bullock proved that for a woman in Hollywood, desperation is, ironically, very attractive. (Also, that this was a lousy year for movies.) Shall we file this under Pyrrhic victory, or another vagary of the Mii Decade? Either way, midnight's starting to look really good.

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