Rock Of Love Bus Reunion: Some Got Pregnant, Others Got Sober

On last night's reunion of Rock of Love Bus, the infamous vagina shots incident wasn't specifically addressed, but the two contestants involved did admit that they got sober after the show…sort of.


Nikki, aka DJ Lady Tribe, said that someone that she "met" put her in rehab, and she experienced "two weeks having fun sober," although it would seem from her demeanor at the reunion that she's returned to having fun in other ways. You should really read this behind-the-scenes at the reunion recap. Apparently, Brittanya doesn't know what "philosophy" means, a few girls got new weaves (some better than others), and Brittaney really does have an African-American grandfather.

Touch My Backstage Pass…And Take A Shot Out Of It: Behind The Scenes At The Rock Of Love Bus Reunion [VH1 Blog]
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God Bless Rich and his job at vh1blog. It's almost as good as having a real friend on the inside.

Also... I just realized this... it's weird how none of the ROL/FOL girls have been on PP. You'd think BeckyBuckwild would be all over that shit.