Report: The Princes Are Still Having a Row

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It’s been at least a few hours (days? Can it BE??) since we last checked in with The Royals, but here’s the latest: the Princes are apparently still on the outs. I mean, it’s not a surprise, considering Harry’s having a nice time in Santa Barbara with his cool family right now and Wills is still in the process of slowly morphing into his own father.

Page Six reports that William and Harry officially stopped speaking after news of Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s North American defection broke, according to the biographers behind Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family. Apparently, they barely even speak now.

“I think the distance between the brothers grew wider and wider,” Omid Scobie, one of the book’s authors, said. “That’s really going to take some time to heal.”


Apparently Will was blindsided by the whole quitting royalty thing, but he was more pissed that Harry and Meghan made a public announcement before discussing it internally, which brought shame to the family or something. (OK.)

“He’s not just the brother, he’s also future king and he felt that damaged the reputation of the family,” Scobie said. “That it put family business out into the public domain when it should’ve been discussed privately and there was a lot of hurt there that continues to this day.”

This isn’t super new information, but it sounds like things haven’t gotten much better with physical distance. The Lifetime movie is gonna be lit.


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KristenfromMA - A Moon Shaped Fool

What I read was that H&M went public when they learned that someone on the Cambridge team was going to leak the news to the press. The couple just wanted to be in front of it.

I’ve always liked William but I think he takes after his mother in that he doesn’t like someone else getting more attention than he does.

(There was a famous instance of this when, on a royal visit, Charles sat down and played the cello and upon seeing the very positive reception he got, Diana marched over to a piano and started playing.)