Recently Divorced Ben Affleck is 'Working on Himself'

Out of the two male Famouses recently undergoing very public divorces, I have enjoyed the sheer ridiculousness of Brad Pitt’s artistic aspirations but I relate the most to Ben Affleck, who is “working on himself” in the wake of his divorce.


It’s not like Brad isn’t working on himself — the sculpting and the quitting weed and the GQ profile that presented all of that information to us in one neat package is certainly indication that he is. It’s just that Ben is doing it quietly. He moved out of the guest house and into a house of his own; he sees his kids and stops by for breakfast. And he’s spending time with his ex Jennifer Garner, working on their relationship, raising their kids and doing whatever else he needs to do without much fuss. Per People:

“These two consistently work on their relationship,” says a source who knows the couple. “While addiction can take a toll on a family, Jen was a true constant and — along with his friends — really helped encourage to seek extra support.”

“Ben is focusing on family and working on himself.”

Why do I care so much about how Ben Affleck is handling his divorce? Honestly, no clue. But it’s always just nice to hear about famous people handling tough, real life shit in a way that sounds normal.



Hmm, okay. Lionel Richie, a man who looks like he takes little to no shit from his children, apparently “tracks” his daughter Sofia’s phone “once a day.”

According to Us Weekly, Sofia tweeted this after a photo taken of her in Cannes showed her FaceTiming with her dad, which came after she was spotted cavorting on a yacht with Scott Disick, a man seemingly intent on self-destruction—enough reason for a concerned father to “track” theird daughter’s phone, I suppose.


I understand cell phones, but I do not understand what she means by “track.” Does he...what does he do? Anyone? Thoughts?

[Us Weekly]

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

No snark, but I’m really glad Ben and Jen are staying friends. It’s gotta be good for the kids to know that mom and dad still like each other.