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Real Housewives: Teresa's Anniversary Ring Is Fake, Right?

On last night's episode, Juicy Joe and Teresa celebrated their 10th anniversary, which traditionally means gifts of tin or aluminum. That's gotta be what that ring is made of, right? It can't be real. They are in so much debt.


Don't get me wrong—I don't put it past Joe or Teresa to buy something they can't afford, since that's how they wound up filing for bankruptcy to begin with. But I can't see anyone giving Joe a credit line for a ring like that given his financial history. Of course, he could've definitely paid cash. But mostly, I don't believe the ring is real, because if it were, they would've auctioned it like everything else of value that they own.


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If I were Jacquelin Id be hella embarrassed at the contrast between Christine & Ashley. OMG they are only 3 years apart and Christine is YOUNGER?!? Ashley's behavior towards getting her court papers she looked like such an idiot alongside scenes from Christine's birthday in which she asked for donations to a charity.

Jacquelin totally made Danielle look like a good mother (well sorta)!