The previous season of Real Housewives of Atlanta tried to indoctrinate Kim Fields into the world of petty faux-rich-people drama, but Fields subsequently discovered that this was not her milieu. She is not featured in the trailer for Season 9.

The teaser below finds the show’s OG Sheree Whitfield returning as a season regular after a reintroduction last season (“The bitch is back,” she says/recites), this time with her long-may-it-be-renovated mansion, Château Sheree, now complete. There are some other important life changes happening as well. Cynthia is in the midst of a separation from Peter, and Kandi has issues with her daughter’s father.


This season will also feature a storyline in which Kenya Moore deals with her threatening, “unstable” ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan. “He kicked in my hotel room door,” she says, in tears.

Please also note that the trailer has the following exchange:

“Look, ho.”


On a somewhat light-hearted note, we see Porsha boldly suggesting that Kandi propositioned her and her friend about a sexual tryst with her husband, while Cynthia indulges in a vag laser procedure that might be the same treatment seen in an episode of RHONY.


Season 9 premieres November 6.