Kim Fieldsā€”the actress better known as Tootie from Facts of Life or Regine from Living Singleā€”has willingly entered the shady inner circle of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Here she is in the trailer for Season 8, looking appropriately bewildered: ā€œAre we grown ass women talking like this?ā€

NeNe may be out, but somehow thereā€™s still enough pettiness to go around. While Kenya grovelingly describes Kim Fields as ā€œHollywood royaltyā€ to her face, Porscha is too young to even know of Kim Fields and sheā€™s not sorry about it.

Peter and Cynthia are having good olā€™ marital issues, and Kenya wants to ā€œdate like a man.ā€ Most important, Sheree Whitfield, of She by Sheree fame, is back. The season premieres on November 8.

Best line: ā€œPeople call you stupid, but I know you not actually that damn stupid.ā€ -Cynthia to Porscha


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Image via Bravo