R. Kelly's Other Live-In Girlfriend Azriel Clary Got Her Own Place

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Disgraced and legally embattled singer R. Kelly’s other live-in girlfriend, Azriel Clary, has moved out of the condo in Trump Tower in Chicago. TMZ reported that Clary is trying to separate herself from the drama surrounding Joycelyn Savage.

In late November, posts on Instagram and Patreon appeared under Savage’s name, accusing Kelly of psychological, emotional and sexual abuse. However, the company couldn’t verify that Savage was the owner and removed the account. (Kelly, in turn, has continued to deny all abuse allegations against him.) But the internet mishaps were too much for Clary.

While Clary still supports Kelly (A Choice™️), being in the same condo with Savage was too much. TMZ reported Clary is making her own money through TV and modeling projects. Clary has also started posting to social media again. [TMZ]


Jason Aldean performed in Las Vegas for the first time since the mass shooting that started during Aldean’s set in October 2017. The violence left 59 dead and hundreds injured.

He’s been back in Vegas for award shows, to visit the injured in the hospital, but Friday night was his first performance.

“Tonight’s a really special night for us. We got a lot of people in the crowd who are family to us, so welcome everyone from Route 91,” he told the crowd. “We’re glad to see you guys out. It’s good to be back here in Las Vegas. It’s our first show back and make no mistake about it tonight, we came back to blow it out for you guys tonight. Let’s finish what we started, what y’all think!”


Before he started playing “When She Says Baby,” Aldean reminded the crowd that that’s when the shooting started. “Last time we were starting this song here, we got a little interrupted,” he said, “so let’s finish it.”[People]

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A few weeks ago, a friend who was a hair stylist for years, found out she has precancerous cells in one of her breasts. She’s going in for surgery this upcoming week.