Quentin Tarantino's Movie Theater Takes Out Restraining Order Against 'Deranged Man'

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No, a different deranged man.

According to Complex, the manager of Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles has taken out an order of protection against a “deranged man” who has been harassing staff and patrons while threatening violence online. Legal documents claim the man was barred from the theater for behaving inappropriately with female patrons, and he has also been accused of stalking Tarantino as well as making disturbing comments and threats via text to staffers and on social media, naming July 25, specifically, as a date for harming theatergoers and employees:

“The legal documents include text messages as well as social media posts in which the man references infamous cult leader Charles Manson, and states “All Millennials should be mass murdered.” He is also accused of telling moviegoers to stay clear of New Beverly Cinema on July 25, as he intends to “‘commit a violent act that would make him famous.’”


The LAPD is currently searching for the man, who has disappeared since making the threat. Several members of the theater staff are protected under the restraining order, but Tarantino himself isn’t on the list.

Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood about the Manson family murders in Los Angeles is set to hit theaters, including the New Beverly Cinema, on July 26.


Opus T. Penguin

Why the first sentence with the links? Someone is threatening violence on employees and the public. How are other people’s past behavior (that you linked) related? Unless you’re saying you feel that past behavior was the cause of the current threats?

Otherwise this sure reads like you used the threat of violence to these people as an opportunity for you to bring up the past about famous people you dislike. Well, I clicked on the links, so I guess, congrats?