Protest the UK's Ban on Female Ejaculation with This Squirting Game

Brings a whole new meaning to "squirt gun," that's for goddamn sure. I mean, unless there's a genre of porn I am unfamiliar with.

Earlier this month, the UK effectively banned female pleasure from British-made porn when it quietly enacted a law prohibiting certain sex acts like facesitting and female ejaculation. And the protests against the ban have been delightfully creative. Yesterday, people took to sitting on each others' faces outside London's parliament while singing Monty Python's "Sit on my Face." And now there's an app where you can female ejaculate on pearl-clutching (not that kind) British lawmakers.


The premise of Squirt Alert (brought to you by MiKandi, makers of Google Glass porn app Tits and Glass) is simple. Here's the description:

Dark times are coming. THE UK was the first to fall. Who will save us?

The year is 2014. THE UK has gone into disarray after the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) ruling bans and effectively declares war on female ejaculation, spanking, facesitting, femdom and generally many of the world's favorite kinks.*

It's up to you to fight the madness.

Save Female Ejaculation. Save the world.

"Obscenity is whatever gives the judge an erection."

As for game play, here's what we're working with. Some angry-looking dudes and some fast-working fingers:


Basically, you, the female avatar, tries to squirt on as many opponents as possible. Love it. MiKandi co-founder Jennifer McEwen explained, via XBiz:

We, like many others, quickly noted the hypocrisy of the BBFC's new anti-femdom porn rules, in particular to female ejaculation," McEwen said. "It's ridiculous that female performers are prohibited from cumming on their co-stars' bodies, while male performers aren't subject to the same restrictions.

"Then we recalled the adage, 'Obscenity is whatever gives the judge an erection.' Either BBFC members haven't openly embraced their kink and are punishing everyone else, or they don't know what they're missing out on," she said.


The app is currently only available for Android, but who knows? Maybe they'll expand to all you Apple users. I suppose you could also protest the ban by um, IRL squirting if you're physically capable of doing so, but either way, it's about having a good time, right? Also I just had an idea for a VERY ADULT sexy carnival water gun game. Brb.

Image via MiKandi.

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