Please Stop Calling Dr. Phil 'Daddy'

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“Daddy” applies to a wide swath of men who do not qualify as zaddy.” Daddy is also personal. For me, Jeff Goldblum counts, but so does William Zabka, the man who plays Johnny Lawrence in the Karate Kid franchise, who has aged like a fine wine. A man who never, ever counts as daddy, is Dr. Phil.


I was unaware that there were any people on this earth that thought of Dr. Phil as daddy aside from his literal children, but it seems the children that populate TikTok have been storming the comments of his insipid content calling him daddy. And he’d very much like you to stop. Unfortunately, this TikTok I’m about to share was served to me on my FYP, which means that my algorithm is wonky and I have to fix it, fast.

Something about the way Dr. Phil’s eyes open real big and then settle into an approximation of bedroom eyes in this clip unnerves me; it’s like he knows that he isn’t daddy, but desperately wishes that he were. I don’t think he has an understanding of what it means to be daddy, and while I’d rather not spend any more time thinking about this thumb of a man considering what it means to be daddy in 2020, but this TikTok has haunted me since I saw it during a bout of insomnia at or around 3:34 a.m. Now that I have exorcised it from my brain, I am free. [TikTok]

Kim Kardashian, a woman who I will think about for the rest of my life, probably, has taken advantage of her platform to smash the rumors circulating that she has six toes on one foot. Is this something that is widely believed? Is this an issue that needs to be addressed? Doesn’t matter if it is or if it isn’t, because she’s going to do whatever the hell she wants!

Anyway, she has the normal amount of toes for a person to have. She is not a polydactyl cat, just a regular one.


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People who call other people “daddy” when they find them attractive skeeve me the fuck out and raises concerning red flags.

Calling Dr. Phil daddy is grounds for immediate psychiatric evaluation.