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What is a zaddy?

A zaddy is a guy you look at and think, zamn, zaddy... Immediately, you know in your heart who’s not a zaddy. It’s an instinctual response that’s not worth explaining in depth because you’re supposed to just feel it. The subject is not merely conventionally “hot”—he’s a zaddy*. In other words, there’s an inner zaddiness. (The Rock is nice and built, but not a zaddy in my eyes. Neither is Nicholas Cage.) If you don’t like the idea of “daddy,” let alone “zaddy,” well, I feel you, but you don’t have to support the idea of zaddy to recognize one. Here is an incomplete list of famous zaddys, unranked.

*Doesn’t have to be an actual father.

1. Chris Pine anytime

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2. Justin Theroux in sweatpants

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3. Trevante Rhodes

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4. Idris Elba obviously

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4. Jason Momoa, an unfair specimen

5. Drake when he’s bearded and in the gym

6. Mahershala Ali

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7. The combination of Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama

8. Charlie Hunnam (A reading zaddy!)

9. Nas (zaddy eyes)

10. Chris Hemsworth dressed as Thor

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11. Usher. Yes, still!

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12. Joe Manganiello

13. Tom Hardy, menacing

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14. Omari Hardwick (See this.)

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15. Jon Hamm unleashed

16. Odell Beckham Jr.

17. Zayn Malik

18. Oscar Isaac

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19. Kofi Siriboe. Get to know him.

20. Scott Foley

21. John Slattery, eternal zaddy

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There are many more. You define them in your hearts. Happy Father’s Day!