Phoebe Bridgers Remains Committed to Her Skeleton Look at the Grammys

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I have a deep appreciation for anyone steadfastly committed to a bit, if it’s a good one, and for me, Phoebe Bridgers’s commitment to skeleton-themed outfits is good.


The singer appeared on the Grammys red carpet Sunday evening wearing a Thom Browne gown with a beaded skeleton on the front and back—the same look Brazilian model Caroline Trentini wore to the 2019 Met Gala, if your memory goes back that far. (At the time GQ style writer Rachel Seville Tashjian described the bejeweled skeleton as “what your insides look like if you live on a diet of water from the Trevi Fountain and meringues for a year.... trust me.” I do!)

Bridgers’s red carpet-appropriate skeleton look forces me to imagine a closet full of skeleton suits for every occasion, as well as several identical more casual skeleton tops, pants, and onesies, for day-to-day. Apparently this idea isn’t too far off from reality; in a September interview, Bridgers said she has “tons” of them.

The bit got started when Bridgers was shooting the cover of her 2020 album Punisher, which earned three Grammy nominations for best alternative music album, best rock performance, and best rock song. But unfortunately for Bridgers—and potentially Elton John, who threatened to “hit someone” if Bridgers didn’t win a Grammy—she lost in all three categories. There’s still the possibility that Bridgers could win best new artist—we’ll see!

JLo is continuing to combat the narrative that she and A-Rod broke up on all fronts, posting a TikTok on Sunday featuring a collage of headlines announcing their reported split. (The official line is now that the two are “working through some things.”)


*Takes a long drag of a cigarette* In my day, this is what we unironically would call a “clapback”:


  • Former Hills star Lo Bosworth has revealed that she suffered a traumatic brain injury two years ago—she says a door fell off its hinges and onto her head while she was dining at a Manhattan restaurant—that she’s still recovering from. [Us Weekly]
  • For reasons unknown, there exists a video clip of Trey Songz spitting into two women’s mouths at once, and Page Six tells me it’s sparking “covid-19 concerns” since he had covid in October. October! I suppose he could conceivably have the virus again, though it’s unlikely. I for one have other non-covid-19 concerns. [Page Six]
  • At 9, Blue Ivy Carter has won her first Grammy, but apparently she’s the only second youngest person to ever do so: an 8-year-old won a Grammy in 2001. Nonetheless, very impressive!! [People]

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I don’t want to victim-blame Lo Bosworth for what was probably entirely the restaurant’s fault, but....... just because you can eat inside a restaurant right now, doesn’t mean you should. For fuck’s sake, people, more than half a million of us have died in the U.S. alone, and Cuomo only expanded indoor dining to distract from the fact that he needs to resign due to all the sexual harassment he’s committed over the years. GET YOUR FOOD TO GO.