People Don Their Skivvies to Push for Body Diversity at Victoria's Secret

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Last weekend, a group of San Francisco body positive activists wore their Sunday best undergarments, and stood proud and tall (and short) (and skinny) (and fat) in front of a Victoria’s Secret store. Their message? Love your body, even in the face of the photoshopped-to-hell-and-back photos we see in the media.

The group was organized by About-Face, who says they specifically sought out Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch because they "refuse to include more diverse bodies in their clothing design and/or advertisements."

Hmm... maybe those companies could take a page out of Debenhams' extra rad look book? Not only are they no longer photoshopping their models, they're also casting a diverse array of models. You know, the types of people who actually wear their clothes. Crazy, I know.


[pic via Twitter, story via ABC 7]

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Part of me really does have to ask, why not just shop somewhere else? If there's such a large market for this demographic (most likely true), then Victoria's Secret and ANF are hurting themselves economically by doing this and will ultimately lose out in the long run. I don't protest Topshop for having stupidly skinny jeans and demand they sell larger wear or Curves because they cater exclusively to women even though I would love a place like that for men, why would it be a difference in this case?