Patty Jenkins Is Directing the Pilot for a TNT Drama With Chris Pine

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Whether Patty Jenkins will direct the Wonder Woman sequel remains strangely uncertain, but in the meantime she’s signed on to direct one or more episodes of the TNT drama One Day She’ll Darken, which stars Chris Pine, Jezebel’s main Chris.

IndieWire reports that Jenkins will direct the pilot and “potentially additional episodes,” according to TNT:

“One Day She’ll Darken” is inspired by the autobiography of Fauna Hodel, a white woman who was given up by her teenage birth mother and ended up being raised in an African American family. She eventually discovers that she was actually the product of incest and that her real-life father was Dr. George Hodel, the man who is often suspected to be the real-life “Black Dahlia” killer responsible for the murder of Elizabeth Short. (Some have also suggested he might have been the Zodiac Killer.)


An incest tale for our times. Pine is also listed as an executive producer for the series. He plays an ex-marine who “becomes a hack journalist who finds himself disgraced over a story he once wrote about George Hodel.”

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

Am I the only person who is sick of true crime/true crime inspired media? And/or am I the only person who can’t stand to watch it because it’s a reminder that people are terrible and you too can die a horrible death?

(This is also a recurring conversation that I have with my parents, who watch every episode of Dateline.)