It's Pretty Strange That Patty Jenkins Is Still Not Signed On for the Wonder Woman Sequel

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Now we know that Wonder Woman, the biggest movie of the summer, is definitely getting a sequel. But director Patty Jenkins is still not confirmed to return as director.


Even though Jenkins has reportedly been working on a treatment for the sequel, Warner Bros. has not announced she will be directing it. And snuck in at the bottom of a New York Times story about Ben Affleck confirming that he’s still playing Batman (yeah yeah whatever) is a tiny note about how “Ms. Jenkins and Warner Bros. are at a standoff on deal terms.” And frankly that seems pretty bizarre considering how well the movie is done.

That Jenkins could build up Wonder Woman to be the insane success that it is, especially since it seemed like Warner Bros. was perhaps sabotaging the movie by under-marketing it, should have the company showering Jenkins in money. For example, it doesn’t seem like Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, and also helped write Wonder Woman) has had any issues directing several movies under DC Entertainment, even though Wonder Woman has grossed more globally ($750 million worldwide and still going) compared to Man of Steel’s $668 million worldwide or The Watchmen’s $185 million worldwide.

And, not to mention, Wonder Woman has the rare position of being a DC Entertainment movie that did extremely well at the box office and got great reviews, which you certainly can’t say for other DC movies like Suicide Squad or Batman Vs. Superman. So what gives, Warner Bros.?

Thankfully, Jenkins helming Wonder Woman is already trickling into other superhero franchises: Gina Prince-Bythewood will be directing a Spiderman spin-off Silver and Black featuring two women superheros Black Cat and Silver Sable, and Anna Boden will help direct the new Captain Marvel movie starring Brie Larson.

But who knows, maybe after those films do insanely well at the box office studio execs will keep acting like those bros who text, “Actually, I’m not looking for a relationship” even though you’re literally in a relationship with them. Give women directors what they want, fuckers!

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