Patty Jenkins Closes the Deal On Wonder Woman Sequel, Becomes Highest Paid Woman Director Ever

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It was taking awhile to get Patty Jenkins signed on to direct the sequel to mega-hit Wonder Woman, with rumors circulating that Jenkins and Warner Bros were in a bit of a stand off over what she should be paid. On Monday, she closed the deal. Baby, she is getting paaaaid.


For the first film, Jenkins earned $1 million, which isn’t a check most of us would shake a stick at. But Wonder Woman busted through box office records, becoming the highest grossing domestic release from the extended DC Universe ever, the highest grossing live-action film directed by a woman ever, and the inspiration for a truly terrifying-looking rollercoaster. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jenkins will be commensurately compensated for her success:

Sources say Jenkins will receive directing and writing fees in the high seven figures (think somewhere in the $7 to $9 million range) on Wonder Woman 2 but, more significantly, will have a considerable backend. (At her peak, Nancy Meyers earned in the $5 million range, according to sources.)

Yep, Jenkins has unseated Nancy Meyers as the highest paid woman director of all time. She’ll also be co-writing and producing the sequel, which has already signed Gal Gadot, and together they’ll lasso movie magic one more time. Probably more, this is superhero franchise after all.

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Good for you, Patty. Get paid, honey!