You Will Soon Be Able to Ride Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso

Image via Warner Bros.
Image via Warner Bros.

San Antonio, Texas, will soon be the new home to Six Flags’ Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster. Much like Wonder Woman the movie, this roller coaster will be breaking new ground in its field: thrills!

USA Today reports that unlike traditional coasters that are supported by two tracks, the Golden Lasso is supported by a single 15.5-inch-wide steel twisty beam, making it the world’s first “single-rail IBox track coaster” which probably means more to someone well-versed in ‘coaster lingo. It certainly looks horrifying, and I am not getting on this thing unless Wonder Woman herself is there to save me from grievous bodily harm:


Don’t worry, Six Flags knows it appears frightening, but there’s no cause for concern:

“I expect it to be crazy smooth,” says Larry Chickola, Six Flags VP and chief corporate engineer. “And crazy fun. There will be extremely quick twists and turns – quicker and smoother than regular coasters.”

Yeah, this baby is smooth as hellllllll. Chickola went on to reiterate that it’s in fact “velvety smooth,” much like a beautiful defender of the realm. With one track, there’s less chance of misalignment between the two sides, so it actually will glide along better. The monorail will also make the coaster look like a “thin ribbon of track suspended in the sky,” conveniently reminiscent of a lasso.

Wonder Woman is hot right now, so naming a ride after her is a great brand opportunity. And I probably would be forced to speak honestly if I were riding something so terrifying. It would mostly be screaming.

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Meh. I think I’ve been spoiled by living two hours away from Cedar Point my whole life, but this particular coaster doesn’t look like much. And it seems like the actual experience of riding it will be a logistics nightmare if it’s actually one rider per row; you’re gonna be waiting in line FOREVER because the throughput on that kind of coaster is so low. I almost guarantee it’ll be a “no bags allowed” station where you have to purchase an overpriced locker to store your bags before you can even get in line, because the only way to make this efficient is to have separate “loading” and “unloading” areas of the station.

I... I go on a lot of roller coasters. .___.