Oxford Dictionary Editor Says 'Bacne' and 'Hatewatch' MIght Be Added

Fiona McPherson, a Senior Editor at Oxford Dictionaries, revealed some of the words that lexicographers are currently eyeing for inclusion in future versions of the dictionary. Hatewatch your bacne. (That wasn't an excellent example of using words in a sentence; please disregard.)


As we know, twerk and selfie recently made the cut for the online edition, and here are a few that could soon join their illustrious ranks:

  • Bacne: acne on your back.
  • Hatewatch: when you intentionally watch a show or movie that you know that you will hate to chat with your friends while mutually hating it.
  • Dosant: another word for a cronut, that is, a cross between a croissant and a donut.
  • Legsie: a selfie that you take of your legs.
  • Appisode: an episode of a TV show that you watch online.
  • Nocializing: when you become immersed in your smartphone instead of socializing.
  • Phubbing: when you’re nocializing in a manner that is rude.
  • Meme (verb): the act of creating an online meme.
  • LOLarious: something that is funny—that you might LOL to.

It feels like they're really reaching with some of these — nocializing? legsie? phubbing? — but who knows where the English language is headed. Maybe this time next year we'll all be like, "Don't take a legsie right now, I'm too busy nocializing and eating a dosant and watching this appisode." Excellent sentence. I'm excited for the future.




They always pick the weirdest 'hip' words to add. Do they even have 'troll' in there?