'Twerk' and 'Selfie' Added to Oxford Online Dictionary

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While the Oxford English Dictionary has strict rules about who gets to go to its old and esteemed club, its cousin the Oxford Dictionaries Online is a lot looser. That's why in June it was a big deal that the OED added "tweet"; typically, a word has to be around for ten years to prove itself worthy of admission. But the ODO lets basically anyone in – which is why "twerk," "selfie" and "girl crush" are partying it UP right now in the English language's hottest club.


Here are some of the best words added to the ODO this week that Americans will be familiar with (Brits scored words like "apols" which is an abbreviation for apologies and "A/W" which stands for autumn/winter). My personal favorite is "pear cider." My least personal favorite is "girl crush."

What a week for twerk to be added.

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"Omnishambles" is a delightfully British way to avoid saying clusterfuck. I wonder if I can adopt it without sounding like the kind of American that asks you where your loo is during a house party in Nebraska?