Out of an Abundance of Caution, Teresa Giudice's Kids Will Not Go to Italy This Summer

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Not to ruffle anyone’s feathers, but, personally speaking, this coronavirus pandemic is pretty bad. But that’s just me! One woman’s opinion…


It seems that Teresa Giudice’s daughters might agree. Gia (not pictured), Gabriella (not pictured), Milania (pictured, R), and Audriana (pictured, L) were supposed to go to Italy later this month to visit their dad, Joe, who’s been living in Salerno since last fall while he continues to appeal his 2018 deportation. But sources told Hollywood Life that Teresa has canceled the would-be reunion, what with there being a global pandemic going on and all.

“Teresa’s biggest concern is obviously covid and the kids,” the source said. “[They’re] disappointed.”

That’s really sad! But I have to ask……… Did Teresa cancel the girls’ trip, or did Italy and the United States’ respective travel restrictions cancel it? I mean, the Centers for Disease Control currently recommends that Americans avoid all non-essential travel to Italy, which got hit fast and hard by covid-19 and has reported more than 246,000 cases to date—to say nothing of the fact that the Council of the European Union has to yet to ease travel restrictions on travelers coming from the U.S., a country where……well, you know what a shit show this place is, right? Anyway, in the words of your most annoying friend, I’m just saying.

In other Giudice-related news, Joe is apparently taking part in a celebrity boxing match against Ojani Noa—a.k.a., Jennifer Lopez’s first husband—in the Bahamas in October. Hollywood Life’s source said the girls are hoping they’ll be able to travel down for that. We love optimism!

Speaking of international travel amidst yon global pandemic, Miss Fame, the self-titled “cosmic queen” from season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has moved to Switzerland because they simply could not vibe.


“[The U.S.] was giving off bad energy, and I couldn’t find mental well-being,” they tweeted on Saturday. “Thankfully, I broke free during this very real global health crisis. Europe has always been good to me, so I’ll try this on for size.”

In some followup tweets, they explained that their husband is Swiss, which presumably helped them in being able to just pack up and leave. Fame also clarified that their inability to work amidst covid-related venue shutdowns and the lack of support they’ve been able to find through our country’s pitiful welfare system also played a role. That’s all super real. I get it! But still……the #selfcare’ness of this announcement tweet, je simply must remark……


Speaking of Switzerland (when’s the next time I’ll be able to do that at Jezebel dot cromb), Reuters reports that the country recently saw a spike in covid cases. The average number of daily cases was about 35 per day in June, but that stat has recently soared to more than 200 per day. The head of their coronavirus task force seems intent on tightening restrictions on public life in an effort to slow the outbreak before it gets any worse.


Switzerland, a nation of 8.6 million people, has seen 35,000 cases total since the pandemic began, says Reuters. Just over 1,700 people have died of covid.

Saff—a.k.a., the only person in Tiger King whom every viewer could agree was a good person—gave an interview about his life post-Netflix fame.


Speaking to Pink News, he said he feels “blessed” to have the kind of platform that “not many people get offered,” though it does make running errands a lot harder than before:

I’m not anonymous anymore. Doing very simple things—a grocery store or a gas station—kinda turns into a little bit of an event for me now. That’s not a negative thing, but it’s definitely been a little challenging when 10-minute grocery store run turns into a two-hour meeting.


Saff, who now lives about an hour east of Los Angeles in Southern California, adds that he wants to make good use of the platform he now has, though he’s still not totally sure what that use will be:

I’m still thinking about it, but I know that I want it to involve animals. I’ve only known exotic animals in captivity. I want to be able to see them in the wild, which I have not been able to, up until this point in my life. I want to turn that [into] something I can implement, back into teaching or even just educating people on both sides so that the decisions that are made, especially here in America with the exotic animal industry, are from a more educated standpoint. It’s hard to speak on the other side if you don’t really know. I would love to know.


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