One of Taylor Swift's Genius Fans Tried to Swim to Her New Mansion

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Not cool, guy: A crazed Taylor Swift fan swam a mile in super cold ocean water to try to bust into her newly purchased Rhode Island manse.

...was caught trespassing on the singer’s Rhode Island beach house earlier this morning! The 22-year old male swam a mile through cold ocean water, up to her beach front all for a glimpse of his beloved Tay Tay! But upon spotting the singer’s security detail, the Swiftie in question quickly turned back round, swimming another mile in the opposite direction.


Well, I'm glad she has security, because WTF WEIRDO.

By the way, this is her fourth mansion. And she's 12. I'm 50 times her age and live in an apartment the size of a Kix cereal box. What I'm saying is: I've made some mistakes, and YOU GO, GIRL. [Perez Hilton]

I'm reallllly hoping this is real (even though PBS is saying it's not — WHATEVER! They've been known to lie before.*):

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Usually, pop songs stick in my head and never let go. This is how I fell in love with Lady Gaga (no thanks to "Bad Romance"). Currently, Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack" tune keeps playing over and over and I'm going to just scream. Anyway, back to my Swifty point...her songs aren't catchy, she's not bizarre like Ke$ha so I am not fascinated or offended by her AND she reminds me of the crazy perfectionists in HS. I just can't stand it!

Someone needs to explain why she's soo fucking popular and who buys her music? 4 mansions? Sheesh!