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Recent highly publicized events in Taylor Swift’s life, including a certain relationship and a certain feud, point to the possibility that a Swift album is on the way sometime this fall.

However, a label rep has shot down rumors about an October release date. In response to a question on Twitter, Big Machine Label Group CEO and president Scott Borchetta denied the reports with a simple “NOPE.”

Clearly, everything you see ain’t always what it seems. But our conspiratorial belief that all the publicity surrounding pop music’s Wile E. Coyote is leading up to a fall project is still alive, because it turns out October is not the same as September or November.


Note that a source in Jezebel’s recent Ask a Publicist column theorized: “She is due for an album release or at least a single around September when Tom and/or The Night Manager will likely be nominated for an Emmy...She’ll also need to release an album by Sept 30 to be considered for any Grammy nominations in 2017.”