New York Times Decides Alison Roman No Longer Sparks Joy, Puts Column on Temporary Hold

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Thanks to The Drama, it seems the internet will have to hold out for The Next Recipe—Alison Roman’s New York Times column is on hiatus following that dustup with Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo earlier this month.


The Daily Beast reports that the New York Times confirmed that Roman’s column is “on temporary leave.” And though the paper did not specify why, it seems a tad conveniently tied to The Drama, in which Roman gave a May 8 interview to The New Consumer dragging Teigen and Kondo for allegedly selling out. It was not lost on the internet that Roman, a white woman, was criticizing two Asian women for something white women do all the time, and in some cases to a far more harmful degree. It was also not lost on Teigen, who was deeply hurt by Roman’s comments, and let her followers know.

Roman’s since apologized multiple times and Teigen graciously accepted her apology. (My colleague Lauren Evans wrote up all the apologizing and forgiving using some unforgivable puns, for which I will also personally need an apology.) Still, Roman has not published a column since April 27; the Daily Beast says one was supposed to run a few days after The Drama, but was dropped.

It’s unclear whether the Times has decided Roman no longer sparks joy and tossed her, or if they’re just waiting for a new outrage, lest Roman’s next column get ratio-ed. Either way, for now it seems Roman’s Dutch ovens will lay idle for some time.



Roaring Girl

God DAMN I am tired of this “Marie Kondo is selling out!” whining. Kondo is not anti-stuff. She does not object to personal possessions. She has nothing against capitalism or the acquisition of material goods. At all.

She is writing about our often-dysfunctional relationship to said stuff, which is an entirely different animal. Have any of her critics actually bothered to read her books?