Mystery Solved! Kylie Jenner Still Rich, Just Bad at Timing

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On Sunday night Kylie Jenner sparked an internet mystery when she posted a link to the GoFundMe page of a makeup artist who needed help covering some medical costs after an accident. Fans and non-fans alike were curious why Jenner, who is very rich and once demonstrated that fact by dropping several hundred thousand dollars on a pony for her daughter, would donate a measly $5,000 to someone in need and then ask her fans to also donate.


Well everyone can finally rest because the mystery of the month has been solved. According to Page Six, Jenner’s donation wasn’t cheap, it was simply poorly timed.

In a series of Instagram posts, Jenner explained that the GoFundMe goal for makeup artist Samuel Rauda, who has worked with Jenner before, was $10,000. Though Rauda no longer works with Jenner, she reportedly found out about his needs from a mutual friend. At the time she saw the page, Jenner explains, the fund had raised $6,000, so she added enough to complete the goal. She then shared the page, “to gain more awareness if anyone also felt compelled to share or donate.”

What she could not have expected is that the goal for Rauda’s fundraiser would be changed to $120,000, because the American medical system is evil and Rauda and his family are paying exorbitant bills due to a car wreck Rauda was involved in early March.

Rauda is currently about $20,000 short of the goal on his page so if any other celebrities want to write a check instead of just sending thoughts and prayers, hit up Kylie for the link.


BusPass the remix

The goal must have been changed AGAIN, because the original screenshot that she shared on her stories had the goal set at 60k. She prob thought "oh I'll be nice and share it in my stories as well" and went back to grab a screenshot of the GoFundMe, and the total had been upped from 10k to 60k. Little did she know what would result from her gesture, lol.