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Did Self-Identified Billionaire Kylie Jenner Just Accidentally Reveal That She's Broke?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Though Kylie Jenner’s not the self-made (lmao) billionaire she’s often allowed herself to be portrayed as, she still has A Ton of money. Just last year, she topped Forbes’ list of the highest-paid celebrities, raking in nearly $600 million in 2020 alone.

Or did she??????????????

That’s what I’m wondering after learning about this whole GoFundMe news fiascina.


To recap: The youngest KarJenner posted on her Instagram Story sometime over the weekend I guess (it’s either been deleted or expired so I can’t confirm the timing for myself) asking her followers to donate to a GoFundMe for her makeup artist, Samuel Rauda, who recently underwent surgery following an accident.

She faced backlash for this on social media, Newsweek reports, since Rauda’s family’s GoFundMe had a $60,000 goal and Kylie probably blows through $60,000 every time she blinks, given her staggering net worth—but what if she’s been lying to us for years and actually doesn’t have hundreds of millions to her name, much less the $60,000 needed to help her employee recover in peace? Better storm her bank vault, seize her assets, and redistribute whatever’s found just to be safe.......


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