Miss Colombia Shares Her Thoughts on the 'Great Injustice' of Miss Universe Fuck Up

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Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, she of devastating live television moments and Steve Harvey truther, is finally sharing her pain over winning—and then losing—the coveted Miss Universe crown.

In an interview with Colombia’s W Radio, Miss Colombia called the mistake a “great injustice,” adding that she hasn’t done much press since the incident because she needed time to “grieve.” “I was disconnected. I haven’t received phone calls from almost anyone. Very few people have communicated with me,” she said. “That’s because I had to grieve for what happened.”

Gutierrez continued to compare Steve Harvey’s fuck up to the apocalypse, “It was a great shock,” she said. “Because it is a dream I fought for. I have always dreamed of this, of being Miss Universe.”


Despite her emotional devastation, Gutierrez criticized the pageant for the way they handled Harvey’s mistake. Rather than pull the bejeweled royal crown of the universe off her perfectly coiffed head, she said the pageant organizers could have acted more “fairly.” “They could have done it, I don’t know, the next day in a press conference or a press release,” she said. “They did not do things the right way.” Fair point.

But hey, Miss Colombia isn’t going to let this great injustice get her down, there’s definitely a silver lining to be found in the whole debacle. “I managed to make history,” Gutierrez said, “which I think is more important than winning the Miss Universe title.”

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I completely understand that this must feel incredibly shitty for Gutierrez, and I actually agree with her that the way the organization handled it was weirdly incompetent, but am I the only person who feels like she could be, I dunno, more gracious and good-humored about the whole thing? I mean, no one ‘took your dream’ away from you; you didn’t actually win. A little perspective, maybe? I know she worked really hard on this and it was her life-long dream and all that, but I feel like she doesn’t understand how utterly inconsequential this is to the world, and to act like some grave injustice was perpetrated on her... I don’t know.

Everyone gets to feel bad and grieve and etc. in the way they need to. Feel what you feel, girl. But, like, you were the first runner-up, and unlike, say, every other fucking first runner-up in recorded fucking history, people actually know your name.

Does anyone get what I mean?