Miss Colombia Is a Steve Harvey Truther, Just Like Me

I believe Steve Harvey’s crowning of the wrong Miss Universe was staged. I believe he and a handful of pageant organizers planned the now-notorious moment to boost awareness for the pageant, as well as for Harvey and his talk show. Why do I think this was all one big publicity stunt? Because I have a nose for bullshit that’s right almost 49 percent of the time. And, reports TMZ, so does Arianda Guitierrez, aka Miss Colombia.


They write that she is now “suggesting” the pageant was “rigged to crown her and then emotionally destroy her by taking the crown away.”

Guitierrez has broken her silence with a bang, addressing the speculation that Steve Harvey’s gaffe was intentional to create some heat and boost ratings for the pageant. She says, “If that was the goal, they succeeded.”

Earlier this month, Guitierrez commented on the incident by saying, “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s nice to know that she and I both have the same reason in mind.

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This is Bat Country

It’s plausible that the whole thing was staged, but I hate Steve Harvey SO MUCH that I reject the conspiracy theory in favor of continuing to laugh at Harvey for being a dumbass. Learn to read, dumbass!