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Michelle Duggar Refuses To Stop Procreating, Aims For 20th Child

Michelle's 19th child was born four months premature. Michelle had gall-bladder problems and a serious case of preeclampsia while pregnant, yet says: "Even knowing that we went through the challenge that we did, we would do it again." Please. Don't.

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Michelle says of Josie — who weights just 11 pounds at eight months old — "I just know that it is a miracle." Yeah, it's a medical miracle. When asked about a 20th baby, Michelle said, "That would be wonderful!" No. It would not. Let's get real. It would be child abuse. The 18th baby was only three 7 pounds when she was born, and this 19th was one pound and six ounces. According to NBC, her head was the size of a cue ball. Putting religion aside, how can it be right, ethically, to knowingly continue to bring these hyper-fragile lives into the world? Lives which require intensive care, hospitalization and have serious, dangerous health issues?


It's not a crime to be baby-obsessed. And the Duggars can have, legally, as many children as they want — or as many as science can figure out how to keep alive. But how is it that there are laws about how many dogs you can have in your home, and not how many babies you can bring into this world? It's a weird way to show that you believe life is precious. Opinion: Michelle needs one of those reborn dolls, and some birth control.


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Flackette Knits A Lot

I'm not her doctor, but my understanding is that things got pretty scary last time for mother and baby - maybe it's time to accept that maybe even God is telling you to stop, nurture the many children you already have, and not expose your family to the potential trauma of losing a mother or sibling.