Creepy Fake Baby Trend Arrives On American Shores

Some of you may recall that, back in January, we wrote about that British documentary My Fake Baby, the "reborn" baby dolls that are so lifelike that childless women treat them as their own. Well, it's set to air on BBC America tonight, and to promote it, a bunch of American women who "collect" these dolls were on the Today show. Matt Lauer was freaked out, and said as much. Clip above.
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I just saw the show tonight. Flipping back and forth between shows to watch it. I missed maybe a half hour of the show total in bits and pieces because my daughter woke up.

Personally, I think they're pretty cool. Some of them are... kind of ugly. Then again even some real babies are kind of ugly.

I actually got online to look them up. From what I can tell on all the sites I've seen only Custom reborn baby dolls cost a grand or more plus shipping. All the other "adoptable" babies ranged in price from 50 up depending on how cute and real it seemed.

I'm considering getting a custom reborn baby doll made. Not to be some creepy lady or anything like that. I would love to have a little imitation Bailey so that no matter what age she reaches, I'd be able to point to the doll and say, "That was what you were like." Btw, Bailey is 4 months old.

Just think about it. Haven't you ever wanted a mold or an imprint of a hand or a foot to remember a precious time in someones life? Not even your own? Think that, but bigger.

Are you All childless? Seriously, that's how it sounds. For me, as a mom, it would be like being able to go back in time. Even just being four months in, I look back to when she was newborn and I want to cry because she was so tiny and precious and I wish I could have an exact copy of her at that time.

I think treating a fake baby like a real baby is just what some people do for comfort. Just like talking to a cat and pretending they understand you.

As for reborn baby dolls looking like dead babies... Have you ever seen REAL babies? I mean... My Goodness. Unless you have a monitor sitting by them, you're probably not going to hear them breathe. If you sit and watch them for more than a moment you're not going to see them breathing... Do you See an adult breathing that often? With kids you think to yourself 'Are they breathing?! Was that movement? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? OH thank God that she took a deep breath so I don't have to walk across our really squeaky floor and wake her up to make sure her little body is moving.'