Women Living With Fake Baby Dolls Treat Them Like Real Children

Remember Reborn baby dolls? Well they're back on the morning show circuit and are still as popular as ever with the women who "collect" them.


In this clip, Good Morning America travels to the homes of the women who buy Reborns, which the women treat like real infants. One woman throws her dolls birthday parties and invites actual children to attend the events. Another woman carries her dolls around with her and has to inform cooing strangers that her life-like dolls are not actually living babies. Awkwardness all around!

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Mireille is sensational, like a She-Hulk

OK, these ladies need to get together with some real-doll enthusiasts, go bowling and develop some interpersonal skills. Or get an animal that can at least look at you funny and make you feel stupid for treating them like babies.