Meghan and Kate Need a Girls' Night at the Met Gala, According to Anna Wintour

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With all their globe-trotting, Instagram feuding, and imminent child birthing, it’s probably been ages or never since the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge have had a few glasses of rosé and some girl talk. But a little jaunt to the Met Gala could be just the thing that helps these two patch it up.

French bob advocate Anna Wintour says the invitation is open for Meghan and Kate to attend the yearly fancy people’s fashion party if they ever want to make a gals’ night of it:

“I would love to have the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge together,” Wintour told Today. “That would be my dream couple. They could leave their husbands at home. It’s the two of them I want.”


While I do adore the idea of snubbing the princes on the invite list, this is most likely a female bonding experience that cannot be. Meghan is busy having a baby, and Kate would never attend a party with a camp theme. The motif for a Meghan and Kate Met Gala would need to pretty but predictable, like that year the theme was just “the future” and everyone gave up and wore silver. Here’s the camp content I would like from this years’ festivities: Both Beatrice and Eugenie at the gala in custom-made fascinators hand-selected by Lynn Yaeger and accompanied by their mother, the original Fergie, in a gown made from 90s tabloids. These ideas are free, Anna. You’re welcome.

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I like and hereby cosign the theory that these two women are not feuding at all, but rather their husbands are fighting among each other, for reasons entirely due to William’s infidelity with the Mary Poppins of Chimichanga.

These two confident women backbiting for no reason whatsoever makes a lot less sense than the idea that Harry, who is both close to Kate and still very much in the idealistic honeymoon stage, would openly express disappointment at his brother for disrespecting his own marriage.