Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes John and Yoko'd

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All of Megan Mullally’s relationships are perfect, including the imaginary best friendship she shares with me.


She’s relationship goals with Nick Offerman, and apparently she and Sean Hayes Jack and Karen irl.

Today, to celebrate the mid-season premiere of the new Will and Grace reboot I keep forgetting to watch, Mullally posted a picture of herself and Hayes recreating the iconic Annie Leibovitz Rolling Stone cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono taken just hours before Lennon’s assassination.

“Okay this is slightly miraculous. @seanhayes and i took this photo in 2006. #willandgrace had just ended- or so we thought- and i had the idea to do this photo with sean whom i had loved so much and worked so closely with for those eight years. to commemorate our very symbiotic partnership,” she captioned the photo.

Remember when Glenn Close played an Annie Leibovitz-type on Will and Grace and captured the moment they decided to have a baby together? I’m gonna rewrite the episode in my head and have her take this picture instead.

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Huh, so maybe it wasn’t Lauren Sanchez who leaked those Jeff Bezos dick pics after all, but her Trump-loving brother, Michael?


A private dick, hired by Bezos, a public dick, told The Daily Beast, “Michael Sanchez has been among the people we’ve been speaking with and looking at.”

Gavin de Becker, the former advisor to the Justice Department investigating the leaked pics, believes the leak may be politically motivated, since Bezos owns The Washington Post, which is often critical of President Trump. Sanchez, an outspoken Trump supporter, says de Becker is full of shit:

“I am not dignifying de Becker’s passive aggressive allegations or his crazy conspiracy theories. I’ve recommended that Lauren fire him as security for her and the Whitesell children.”


Fine, but how did her brother get his little paws on her dick pics in the first place? And why does this Bezos peen business just keep getting more ew?

[Page Six]

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“A private dick, hired by Bezos, a public dick”

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