Meet the Homophobic Doomsday Preacher Behind Angus T. Jones' Religious Rant

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Many were shocked this week when, in a YouTube video for the Christian group ForeRunner Chronicles, 19-year-old actor Angus T. Jones dispassionately attacked Two and a Half Men—the sitcom on which he's starred for 10 seasons—for being "filth." But what's more surprising are the extremist views of 35-year-old pastor Christopher Hudson, who's ushering Jones along this supposedly righteous path. Herewith, a lesson in crackpottery.


Hudson is a Seventh-day Adventist youth minister who has made a name for himself through his many pop culture conspiracy-theory sermons he posts on YouTube. Jones credits those videos—which he says he "loves" and have "been a blessing" because "all the information is so great"—for sparking his religious "awakening." He clearly considers Hudson one of his idols, and likens meeting him in person to meeting a celebrity.

"I see this guy and I'm like, dang, man of God," he gushes.

But who is Hudson? And what does he preach that Jones finds so enrapturing that he's speaking so openly about wanting off the TV show (that earns him a reported $350,000 a week) and turning against the people he's worked with since he was eight years old?


Very little is known about the Alabama-based pastor prior to establishing ForeRunner Chronicles, an internet-based dedicated to preaching "the three fold message of Revelation 14:6-12," which is essentially about all about Satan and the end of the world. But plenty can be gleaned from the nearly 300 video sermons he's posted in which he outlines his beliefs.

  • Anti-gay: In a multi-part, exhaustive "exposé" set to scary music called Homo-Geniz-Nation, Hudson lambasts President Obama for his "disturbing statements" in support of gay equality and being "proud" for appointing openly LGBT people to his Cabinet.
  • Anti-Jay-Z: Hudson is perhaps one of the only people who doesn't find the Illuminati hip-hop conspiracy theory a total joke. In fact, he produced an entire documentary on it, The Jay-Z Deception, that explains how the rapper's Blueprint albums are "markers in obtaining degrees in the secret organization known as the Freemasons" which he claims is a Satan-worshipping organization. He also implicated Kanye West and Rihanna as being involved with Lucifer.
  • Anti-masturbation: In another video, Hudson declares it a sin and says, "Masturbation is an unnatural act" that has some "very serious health consequences" like men losing zinc through ejaculation, which causes them to have lower testosterone levels, and thus "feel less manly."
  • President Obama is just like Adolf Hitler.
  • Osama bin Laden actually died in 2007, not 2011.
  • Michael Jackson's death was a conspiracy involving the Pope.
  • People in New York City will turn to cannibalism and will eat their babies. "I'm not even playing. It's just that serious," he declares.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has distanced itself from Hudson after the video of Jones—who joined its L.A. congregation this year—went public this week, saying in a statement, "[Christopher Hudson] is not a pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church." But there's plenty of evidence online that Hudson's ministry is endorsed by the church. He regularly lectures at official Adventist schools, and preaches at Adventist churches around the world, from New England to Australia. He also has a show on the Seventh-day Adventist satellite channel.

On Tuesday, Jones released a statement in which he apologized for "showing indifference to and disrespect of [his] colleagues." As for Hudson, he's remained silent on his Facebook page and Twitter feed since the video went viral—for now.


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