McDonald's to Offer Hip and Trendy Side Salads With Value Meals

In an effort to suit "contemporary tastes," McDonald's has announced that it's adding fruits and vegetables to its menu, which customers can choose in lieu of fries when ordering a value meal.

The company plans to make menu changes to 20 of its largest markets (including overseas)—offering side salads, peeled kiwi on a popsicle stick, melon slices in a bag, etc.—but it will take at least three years to put those changes into effect for half of those locations, and the rest may not see the new menu options until 2020.


While McDonald's has publicly said that the change is in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation’s campaign to end childhood obesity, The New York Times suggested that it has more to do with trying to win over that coveted millennial demographic:

Although it has added salads, fruits and cut raw vegetables to its menu in recent years, the chain has experienced flat sales across much of its business in the United States and Europe, and forecast earlier this summer that little would alter the company’s financial picture anytime soon. The millennial generation, a key demographic that is being wooed by fast-casual restaurants like Panera Bread and Chipotle, in particular has not become a loyal patron of McDonald’s.

Earlier this week, Burger King introduced Satisfries, a healthier version of the french fry that has 30 percent fewer calories than those sold at McDonald's.


With Tastes Growing Healthier, McDonald’s Aims to Adapt Its Menu [NYT]

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