Martha Stewart Is Still Talking About Her Shitty Food Photos

During a ~Social Media Week~ panel last week, Martha Stewart was asked "what are your personal tech etiquette tips for staying classy online?" Though the bizarreness of the question stumped her at first, she quickly drummed up an answer: don't post ugly ass photos of your food like she did!


Always so defensive, that Martha:

First of all, never ever get excited about something that is so delicious like a bowl of onion soup that looks like shit and print that picture. That was a Sunday lunch, it was so good that onion soup! And I was so pissed that I posted it because now there's – then they started to say, oh she doesn't even know how to use a camera. I take fabulous pictures.


You do, you do, we know you do.

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Totally on my own tangent here, and I apologize if it's too wayward:

Am I just the right age of normative suburban American that I simply don't get the appeal of iceberg lettuce wedge salad?

Sure, the accompaniments as typically offered (blue cheese dressing and bacon) sounds good, but I grew up with iceberg lettuce, and when my parents started growing leaf lettuce the young me knew it was better. When I brought sandwiches with it to my PRSS (perfectly regular suburban school) some friends asked me if it was spinach!

Or is this some Ozzie-and-Harriet / Faith Popcorn retrograde thing?