Mariah Carey Will Reportedly Film Her Tour Life For TV

Image screengrab via E!
Image screengrab via E!

Mariah Carey, the queen of Billboard records and reality TV acting, won’t be shooting a second season of her “docuseries” Mariah’s World, but she is rumored to be planning another televised glimpse into her life.

A source told Page Six:

“Mariah’s World was always planned to be an eight-part TV event. But now she is planning a huge world tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Butterfly to start early 2018. It will be similar to U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ tour. VH1 is set to film a docuseries that will capture the behind-the-scenes of her tour.”


This sounds like Mariah’s World, but with Mariah on the road. Fortunate for us, she’s taken a liking to documenting her closet, her beautiful relationship and everything in-between in orchestrated fashion for entertainment and profit, despite reports that Mariah’s World ratings were poor after the premiere episode.

Carey will also continue her annual Christmas concerts this year, and her animated film All I Want for Christmas comes out November 14.

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Mariah is so washed up it makes me sad. Will not watch any of this.