Man Famous for Acting Like Donald Trump Behaves Predictably

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Alec Baldwin, famous for both his spot-on impersonations of imperious, spoiled millionaires and yelling voicemail insults at little girls, has been arrested for punching someone over a parking spot.


Apparently, Baldwin tussled with a man who swooped in and stole his West Village parking spot, which is exactly like that episode of Seinfeld except George didn’t end up at Lenox Hill Hospital with an injured jaw.

The punching may have been “mutual combat,” which, according to TMZ, is not a crime. Good to know!

Baldwin denies the punching was over a parking spot but not that it happened.


Something that’s definitely not happening is The Nanny reboot. Apparently, reboots are over, according to Fran Drescher:

“Look, it probably isn’t going to be ‘The Nanny’ because, for whatever reason, the whole reboot genre is beginning to wane.”

But that hasn’t stopped Drescher from hoping Cardi B still wants to be her daughter:

“I’m actually developing a millennial-and-me baby boomer show [to star in] and I thought maybe this is fortuitous, maybe we would be good together,” Drescher says. “She would be good playing my daughter.”


Please, Cardi. Fran needs this. Fashion needs this.

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Eel St. Louis

Guess the yoga classes didn’t completely fulfill their early promise of lowered stress and anxiety. More deep breathing, Alex. Also, just because he’s a Trump-hating Dem, and very funny also on 30 Rock doesn’t mean he’s not an asshole.