LOVE IS DEAD: Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande Have Allegedly Broken Up

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I truly cannot believe that I am typing this, but it appears that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s whirlwind romance is no more. LOVE IS A LIE.

According to TMZ, the couple split over the weekend, with sources telling the site the duo felt “it simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off.” Grande has reportedly been having a hard time recently—more than understandably, considering ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died of a suspected drug overdose just over a month ago.

Though Davidson and Grande were only together for, uh, five months (they got engaged a few weeks after they started dating), their relationship has felt like it has been with us always. Indeed, in their love’s brief lifetime, they gifted us with so much. And by so much, I mean so much information about Davidson’s giant dick, which is presumably now back on the market, for interested parties.


Neither Davidson nor Grande have confirmed the split, but the last time Grande tweeted was on October 8, and the last time she faved a tweet was October 9, which seems like an ominous sign. It is a very sad day for us all.


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I’m sorry for these young ‘uns. It’s hard enough being in a relationship, but they had to deal with the eyes of the world, rampant gossip and speculation about his mental health (and hers after Mac Miller died), and an inordinate amount of snark and hate towards them.

And I really feel for poor Piggy Smalls!