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LiLo Tells Her Mom She Has 'No Right' to Come to England, Is Wrong

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Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan aren’t so different than you and your mom! They too fight over which old items to sell at a garage sale (she wants to turn your childhood bedroom into an office and who can blame her!) and who’s allowed to go on Celebrity Big Brother. Here’s a question: Why are moms always trying to embarrass us on UK television?


According to TMZ, Lindsay and Dina are currently beefing over Dina’s wishes to go on Celebrity Big Brother, which shoots on Borehamwood, UK, near where Lindsay is living in London:

Dina was so excited, she called Lindsay Thursday to say how great it was going to be that they could spend time together.

We’re told Lindsay flipped out and began screaming at her mom, saying she had no right to come to England, where Lindsay went to escape. They fought on the phone and then fired angry texts back and forth.

Lindsay doesn’t want Dina in England, partly because she feels her mom is a bad influence and partly because she’s just bad luck. Lindsay says she’s doing well and doesn’t want it screwed up.

As for Dina, she feels Lindsay has no right to exile her from England.

Exiled from England? It’s like The Tudors!

And things have gotten worse:

[Dina] is unloading her daughter’s prized possessions with an online flea market — which Lindsay’s threatening to shut down with a little help from cops ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she recently got wind of Dina Lohan’s scheme — selling off Lindsay’s clothing, furniture, artwork, etc ... on the Internet and directly to friends ... all without LiLo’s permission. We’re told she’s hawking items from the massive stockpile of stuff Lindsay moved into Dina’s house during the Oprah docuseries.

It may seem like a bunch of junk, but Lindsay says it’s worth millions. As for Dina’s motivation — we’re told she thinks anything left behind in HER garage ... is hers to sell. Linds thinks Dina’s just desperate to pay bills.


Yep, just like The Tudors.


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Illustration for article titled LiLo Tells Her Mom She Has No Right to Come to England, Is Wrong

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