Levi Johnston Tries To Fend Off Interrogation With Flowers

The ladies on the panel take pride in their election coverage and serious interviews with political candidates. So they were immediately put off when Wasilla mayoral candidate Levi Johnston tried to evade the first question by giving them flowers.

Babs started it off by riffing on the Bill O'Reilly incident, telling Levi, "In my own mind, I have walked out on you many times." She then asked him—in so many words—why he doesn't just cut the shit and get a real job and support his child. He tried to play it off by handing the women each a rose (and two for Whoopi). Elisabeth chastised him, and told him to stop wasting time. When he finally did get around to answering the women's serious questions about his political aspirations, platform, and qualifications, he was at least honest when telling them he doesn't know nor has he thought about it.

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I was watching this live this am and was just flabbergasted. Is he under the impression that any publicity is good publicity? He had a chance to kind of show that he had SOME idea of what he was doing and he basically just cemented the fact that he is just flying by the seat of his pants.